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Welcome to my website, I hope you find this useful. This has been created for the purpose of publishing my family history and Australian history research and to add links to photos, resources and the works of others. I also digitally colour photos and will be adding some of these. I will eventually list several generations of descendants of known Australian ancestors. There is also a War Memorial section that I am working on.


*Please contact me or at least please credit me as “ErnestfromAus” if you decide to use photos on a publication or family tree website (I have already uploaded some onto I believe that these should be for everybody to share and I do not like the idea of tainting a photo with watermarks. However, alot of time goes into sourcing, scanning and repairing these photos and I have seen alot of photos that are ‘re-uploaded’ onto and the like, which I believe hinders genealogy.

If you use my research as a reference, please remember to credit me. A link to this home page is

How You Can Contribute:

If you have information you would like to share about the families listed, please feel free to contact me ( I will gladly credit you as the contributor if you would like to use this as a platform for verified information to be published. I am especially interested in photos of the families on this website. Also, if you have tips on improving the layout of the website, I am open to suggestions. (Ads are inevitable as I have opted for free version at this stage).


While the website is mostly focused on links to Australian families (below), the useful links page may provide useful information or entertainment.

Useful Links Page:


Please see the Links Below to the Pages for Each Family (Click on the Family Name). These pages will contain links to biographies, lists of descendants and photos.

Under each family name is a brief description of the known Australian immigrants for that family and their generation relative to me (1. would be my great-grandparent’s generation.) Names in BOLD font are first generation Australians (Immigrants or convicts).

Many of these are incomplete or not yet started but watch for new links as well as updates to existing ones. If you cannot click on a family name, then the page and the associated publications have not yet been published.


Edwards Family (NSW):

3. William EDWARDS snr and Frances PETCH.

Contains some entries.


Fardell Family (NSW):

4. Thomas FARDELL snr (1825-1922) and Jane COOK (1824-1890)

4.  Joseph STOCK (1826-1880) and Mary Ann DENNING (1827-1862)

Contains multiple entries.


Donnelly Family (NSW):

3. Timothy DONNELLY snr (c1839-1883) and Mary COLLINS.

Contains some entries.


Searle Family (NSW):

3. Samuel Joseph SEARLE (c1845-1926) and Elizabeth Ann BENDY (1856-1915).

4. Edward BENDY (c1835-1856) and Ann Elizabeth VIDLER (1836-1906).

5. George VIDLER (c1811-1875) and Edith Elizabeth KING (c1806-1864).

*Currently Empty


Sutherland Family (NSW & Tas):

TO BE ADDED. *Currently Empty


Pike Family (NSW):

4. George PIKE snr and Sarah ___.

5. William GAZZARD (c1788-1863) and Anne PROUT (c1798-1843).

5. Robert EAGLING (1801-1852) and Charlotte BUCKLEY (-1890).

6. William BUCKLEY and Alice LAWTON (c1789-1847).

*Currently Empty


McIntosh Family (NSW & Tas):

5. Robert McINTOSH snr (1781-1829) and Eleanor DUDGEON (1788-1826)

5. William SAGGERS (c1778-1845) & Mary *SHEY (1779-1857)

4. William BRADY (c1809-1870) & Mary Ann ___.

*Currently Empty


Jordan Family (Tas & SA):

4. William Lachlan JORDAN (-1869) and Louisa BASTONE (1809-).

5. Henry BASTONE (-1814) and Charlotte HATTON (-1865).

4. William RIGGS (1820-1891) and Dorcas DASHWOOD (1820-1886).

5. Henry RIGGS (1782-1859) and Mary BISHOP (c1783-1859).

*Currently Empty


Dennis Family (Tas):

4. William DENNIS (c1830-1910) and Sophia PEACHEY (c1831-1907).

4. Joseph BENNETT (-1907) and Sarah NEWMAN (-1919).

5. ___ NEWMAN. [Currently unverified, most likely Edward NEWMAN & Ann McHUGH.]

*Currently Empty


Smith Family (Tas):

4. William SMITH (1812-1885) and Elizabeth BUCKLE (1818-1893).

5. Thomas DIPROSE (1781-1865) and Elizabeth CHILDREN (1782-1868).

5. Francis FRENCH (1791-1850) and Mary OLIVER (1790-1871).

*Currently Empty


Holloway Family (Tas & Vic):

4. John HOLLOWAY snr (c1833-1896) and Rhoda COUTTS (1840-1889).

5. Alexander COUTTS (c1812-1859) and Rhoda VERNON (c1818-1885).

5. John ELMER (-1880) and Frances KEMP (c1804-1876).

*Currently Empty


Richardson Family (Tas):

4. Isaac RICHARDSON (1804-1873) and Matilda BORNER (1804-1887).

4. Michael WALKER (1813-1901) and Sarah GOSS (1814-1888).

Contains multiple entries.


Ibbott Family (Tas & NSW):

5. John IBBETT (c1765-1841) and Hannah PIRKIS (1791-1863).

6. T. H. TENANT aka Phillip DEVINE (c1761-1821) and Ann DOYLE (c1771-1822).

6. Thomas EASTON (c1779-1819) and Unknown.

5. Edward GOODWIN (c1814-1874)  and Mary Ann CHIBNALL* (c1815-1899).

5. Edward CHAPLIN (c1801-1874) and Margaret McINTOSH (c1824-1911).

Contains multiple entries.


Stewart Family (Tas)

3. Robert STEWART (c1828-1901) and Margaret SMITH (c1841-1897).

Contains multiple entries.


Walker Family (Tas)

3. William WALKER (c1825-1905) and Mary Anne BESSANT (c1830-1915).

Contains multiple entries.

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J. Ernest Edwards, I grew up in North-West Tasmania in the 1990s. I am named after my Great-Grandfather, Ernest Edwards. I have a passion for learning about history and how it ties to my family. Roughly half of my family is from New South Wales, and the other half is from TJames Oldasmania, which makes this all the more interesting for me. Stay tuned, as I plan on writing short biographies on all of my known Australian ancestors (Great-Grandparents and beyond).

Other interests of mine include engineering, science, bush-walking and exploring in old Australian towns and national parks, kayaking, chess, basketball, tennis & table tennis, pool, gardening, cooking (and eating), painting, editing photos, woodworking, antiques, prog rock music, old video games and early electronic devices, documentaries and classic films.

Other Information:

Follow me on facebook: @ErnestfromAus to receive updates on posts.

I have made a tree on, you can access it if you are interested. Remember to link my photos and not ‘re-upload’ them. Some information may be included that is not shown on this website, but note that this is not my primary family tree and mostly just includes ancestors at this stage.


There are many great free websites that can be used for genealogy. Remember that information from original documents is much more reliable than information on public trees such as those on ancestry (don’t be a sheep and just copy them without sources) or even what is found in family history books or other websites like mine.



If you are a relative to me (distant or close), I am interested in hearing from you. You can contact me on: Follow my Facebook page: search for @ErnestfromAus


Contribute to This Project:

If you have any photos, slides, negatives, heirlooms, documents, memoirs, stories, or any other interesting facts or information about members of families listed on this website, please feel free to contact me on the email address listed. I aim to preserve as much of this history as possible. I can scan slides and negatives as well as photos at a very high quality. I can receive these by post and then post them back to you if you do not have the tools to scan them. Even if they are not my direct ancestor, I would still like to preserve the history of other members of the family. I am setting up a cloud storage linked with my email where albums can be accessed for each family member. Links to these albums will eventually be displayed on this website. Stay tuned.

Note: If you contribute to this project, I will gladly list your name as a contributor if you wish. I am grateful for those that have allowed me to scan photos or have emailed me information so far.

Can I Help You? 

If you are conducting your own research and have basic queries about NSW or Tasmanian records, I may be able to give you some help or at least point you in the right direction.