Isaac Richardson II (1843 -1919 ) and Mary Ann Walker (1849 -1910 )

My 3rd Generation Great Grandparents of the Richardson Family


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Isaac Simeon Richardson II was born in Campbell Town, Van Dieman’s Land on 2 Sep 1843. He was the sixth of ten children born to Isaac Richardson I (1804-1873) and Matilda Bonner (1804-1887), who both originated from England. His father and uncle (Simeon) had been convicted for their involvement in the “Swing Riots” and were sentenced to life transportation. His mother and eldest siblings reunited with his father after he had been conditionally pardoned. Isaac was baptized as an infant 22 Sep 1843 in Campbell Town.

The ten children of Isaac I and Matilda Richardon were: Edward (1828-1906), Esther Ann (1830-1909), William (1839-1915), Frederick Thomas 1840-1918), Benjamin Charles (1842-1848), Isaac Simeon (Isaac II) (1843-1919), Henry (1845-1845), Edmund (1846-1922), Samuel (1849-1849) and Esau.

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Isaac II’s parents were both 39 years of age when he was born. By this point of time, Isaac I had most likely had began working as a watchmaker, as opposed to farm labouring.

Based on 1843 census information, Isaac II’s first residence was a brick home on Church St, in Campbell Town, Van Dieman’s Land. This home is shown in a different post, for his parents.

Mary Ann Walker was born in Greenhills, Hagley, Van Dieman’s Land on 1 Aug 1849. She was the eighth of thirteen children born to Michael Walker (1813-1900) and Sarah Goss (1814-1888), Both of her parents emigrated from Norfolk, England, along with her three eldest siblings.

Michael was 36 and Sarah was 35 when she was born. Michael farmed and also taught at the Sunday School in Exton.

Isaac II (27) and Mary Ann (21) were married on 29 Jun 1871 in Michael Walker’s home in Westbury, Tasmania. They settled on a property known as “Paddy’s Scrub” in Osmaston, which was most likely on Osmaston Road near the present day Deloraine Golf Course but it may have been closer to Westbury. Isaac worked as a farmer. Most of their eleven children were born in Paddy’s Scrub.

Their children were: Alfred John (1872-1937), Clarence William (1874-1950), Sarah Matilda “Tot” (1875-1915), Frank Edmund (1876-1936), Norman Thomas (1878-1944), Albert Edmund (1880-1880), Henry Samuel (1881-1942), Evelyn Ruby (1884-1965), Arthur Isaac (1885-1938), Victor (1887-), Charlotte Ruby (1890-1941).Isaac spent a short time farming in Deloraine circa 1890 and then moved to Exton in 1891. In Exton, he rented “Back Farm” which was on the Eastern edge of the township.

Isaac (64) purchased a property in Hagley in 1907. The property in Hagley was named “Cripplegate” but later renamed “Lenna.” The current day location of the property is around 90 Black Lane, Hagley 7292. The house they had at the time was demolished some time by his descendants who inherited it.

The original home at “Lenna,” Hagley, prior to its demolition. Photo courtesy Bev Richardson’s book.

Isaac was described as having an exceptional work ethic while working on the farms, a trait that was also seen in his sons.


Isaac and Mary Ann were of the Methodist Christian Faith and were heavily involved with the management of the local church at Osmaston. Isaac was listed as fulfilling multiple roles throughout the Church in over 40 years of service including: churchwarden, circuit stewart trustee, among others. He led the service on occasion and served the Sunday School for over 40 years, for which he was given an award.

Mary Ann died of a heart attack at their property, “Lenna” on 20 Sep 1910. Because of recent flooding, she was buried in the Church of England cemetery at Hagley rather than the Methodist Cemetery. Isaac underwent medical surgery in early 1919 and his health did not improve. In June 1919, he became bedridden and died in Westbury on 6 Jul 1919. He was buried with his wife at the Church of England Cemetery.

The headstone of the grave of Isaac and Mary Ann Richardson was erected about 40 years after Isaac’s death by his remaining children. (Photo Oct 2016)

In his will, Isaac left half of his farm, stock and implements to his sons: Arthur and Victor. Evelyn and Charlotte each received £50 and Sarah was ‘to be provided for on the farm’ or ‘paid £20 per year as well as receiving money from Isaac’s shares. Sarah had died before Isaac but this was not updated on his will. Frank and Henry each received £100. Three of the oldest four siblings, Alfred, Clarence, and Norman, were not beneficiaries of the will.

The children of Isaac and Mary Ann Richardson went on to have many descendants spanning over six-plus generations.


Other Media: 

In 1988, John Walker and a committee of other family members who descended from Michael and Sarah Walker published the book: A goodly heritage : the growth and achievements of a Tasmanian family. which describes the family history as well as some of their descendants.

In 2009, Beverly Richardson, Isaac and Matilda’s 2nd generation great-granddaughter, published the book: A family remembers : the story of Isaac and Matilda Richardson and their descendants. which includes a CD-ROM of the family tree, bibliographical references and index. This book is available to be borrowed at the LINC Library in Hobart, Tasmania.



Links to Cloud Server with Photos and Documents Pertaining to this Family:




A Family Remembers: The Story of Isaac and Matilda Richardson and Their Descendants (2009) by Richardson, Beverly
A Goodly Heritage : The Growth and Achievements of a Tasmanian Family (1988) by Walker, John


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