Michael Walker (1813-1901) and Sarah Goss (1814-1888)

My Fourth-Generation Great Grandparents of the Richardson-Walker Family



Michael Walker was born on 24 Apr 1813 in Sturston, Norfolk, England. Michael was the sixth of ten children born to John Walker III (1778-1870) and Mary Ann Clark (1785-1872). John (25) and Mary Ann (18) were married 29 Mar 1803 in St. Michael’s Church, Great Cressingham, Norfolk, England, which is about 10km North or Tottington. Mary Ann was about six months pregnant with their first child, Martha, when they were married.

The ten children of John III and Mary Ann Walker were: Martha (1803-), Robert (1804-), Ann (1806-1846), William (1809-1833), Jonathan (1811-1835), Michael (1813-1900), William (1815-1835), Sarah (1817-1817), Maria (1817-1817) and Elizabeth (1819-1908).

Accoring to census information, John Walker III worked as an agricultural labourer (farmer) in Tottington, Norfolk, England which neighbors Sturston on its East side.

St Michaels Church.jpg
St. Michael’s Church where John Walker III and Mary Ann Clark were married.

Sarah Goss was born on 14 Jan 1814 in Tottington, Norfolk, England. Sarah was the eighth of twelve children born to Thomas Goss I (c1771-1856) and Hannah Burroughs (1777-1852).Thomas (24) and Hannah (23) were married 16 Jan 1798 in Tottington, eight months before their first child, Mary Ann, was born.

The twelve children of Thomas I and Hannah Goss were: Mary Ann (1798-1812), Makum (1800-1834), William (1802-1876), John (1804-1885), Thomas (1807-1872), Elizabeth (1809-1835), Flora (1811-), Sarah (1814-1888), Anne (1816-1884), Robert (1818-1894), Samuel (1820-1894) and Henry (1823-1894).

Accoring to census information, Thomas Goss I worked as an agricultural labourer (farmer) in Tottington.

Tottington and Sturston along with  have been deserted since World War II, when they were taken over by the British Army and incorporated into the Stanford Battle Area. Though the inhabitants were told that they could return to their homes after the War, the British Government went back on their word and purchased the land resulting in many of these people to lose their livelihoods and be forced to live in council housing. The villages remain to this day, a dedicated military training area, where civilian access is forbidden. In 1974, the Breckland District in Norfolk was formed, which encompasses these two deserted villages.

Michael (21) and Sarah (20) were married on 1 Dec 1834 in Tottington, where Michael worked as a farm labourer. Their first three children were born while they lived in England. They went on to have another ten children after emigrating to Tasmania.

The thirteen children of Michael and Sarah Walker were: William (1835-1849), John (1839-1841), Samuel George (1841-1912), John (1842-1909), Robert Wilson (1844-1916), Eleanor (1845-1907), Thomas (1848-1926), Mary Ann (1849-1910), William (1850-1904), Sarah Ann (1852-1926), Elizabeth (1853-1917), Martha (1854-1939), Michael II (1856-1945).

Michael (28) and Sarah (27) emigrated to Van Dieman’s Land in 1841 aboard the ship “Arab.” Their second son, John (2), died at sea and his body was committed to the sea near France. The third son, Samuel, was born during the voyage.

Three of Sarah’s brothers would also emigrate to Tasmania, and raise their families there:

John Goss and his wife, Ann and children emigrated to Van Dieman’s Land aboard the “Emma” in 1841, arriving in March 1842.

Thomas Goss and his wife, Martha, and children emigrated to Van Dieman’s Land aboard the “America” in 1854.

Robert Goss (1818-1886) and his wife, Susannah and three eldest children emigrated to Van Dieman’s Land aboard the “Blanche Moore” in 1855. His children did not survive the journey.

Michael and Sarah’s daughter, Elizabeth, would later marry her first cousin, Samuel Goss, son of John Goss and Ann Ayers.

Michael and Sarah settled on “Annandale,” which was a 1000 acre farm property in the in the Perth region. The farm was located on the Western side of the Midlands Highway between Gibbet Hill and Breadalbane, extending as far West as “Jessiefield.”

Michael began teaching at the Sunday School at the Wesleyan chapel on Pateena Road, Salem.

In 1846, Michael (33), Sarah (32) and the family relocated to “Greenhills,” which was a 500 acre farm property in Hagley that they rented from the Lyttleton Estate. During their time there, Michael had charge of the adjoining property “Hagley House,” owned by Isaac Noake.

While leaving at Hagley, their eldest son, William (15) died in 1849 in an accident at Exton. Michael and Sarah named their next son, William, after him.

In late 1854, Michael (41) and Sarah (40) and the family relocated to “Ti-Tree Farm” in Exton, where they rented the property from Reverend Samuel Martin.

In 1888, Michael (75), had a bad accident when his horse fell. He subsequently retired as the Sunday School superintendent, possibly, also to care for his Sarah, whom had been bedridden, and required the assistance of their housekeeper, Mary Patfield.

On 3 Dec 1888, Sarah (74) passed away. She was buried at Westbury, Tasmania.

On 8 Jan 1890, Michael (76) married his late wife’s housekeeper, Mary Patfield (74).


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