John Ibbett (1765-1841) and Hannah Pirkis (Immigrants to Van Dieman’s Land)

John Ibbett (Also spelt Ibbert and Ibbott) was born in Jun, 1765 in the County of York, England. He was baptised on 14 Jun 1765 in Ecclesfield, York, England. This record spells his surname as “Ibbert” and lists his father as John, however, older records exist for John “Ibbott” indicating that the name as likely misspelled for two generations before being spelled correctly by John’s children in Tasmania.Ibbott Coat of Arms - 2016

The Ibbott family name origins are well documented on the house of names website:

John had been previously widowed before meeting Hannah Pirkis. I am uncertain of Hannah’s origins at this time.

John and Hannah were living in the Capital City of London, where she gave birth to their first son, John Mears Ibbott on 03/03/1813 at Aldersgate, London, England.

(Ref: FHL microfilm 816,009)

John (50) and Hannah were married at the St. Botolph Church, Aldgate, London on 28 Jan 1816. The Church is of of the Church of England Denomination and still stands to this day on the junction of Houndsditch and Aldgate High Streets. The church history has been discussed on this website:

(Ref p29 #86; FHL microfilm 380,125   &   p 247 n 1221; FHL microfilm 380,130)

Hannah gave birth to their second son, George Pirkis Ibbott on 03/04/1817 at the Old Artillary Ground, Spitalfields, London and their third son, James Ahern Ibbott in 1823 in England.

Ref: FHL film 816009

John also had a daughter in England, but her full name is not yet known from the official records other than that it has the initial “I”. She may have been the daughter of John’s first wife.

In 1825, the family of four set sail aboard “The Elizabeth” arriving in Van Dieman’s Land after an 100 day journey.

The family initially settled in the Old Beach region, just north of the Derwent River and Hobart. John became the Licensee of the “Three Archers Hotel” at Old Beach and was also listed as the Victualler of “The Old Black Boy” at Cove Hill near Bridgewater.

John and his family moved north to the country side in late 1832- early 1833 where John and his sons became farmers.

John was granted land at Bothwell, Van Dieman’s Land in Feb-March 1839, which he appropriately named “Ibbott Vale.”

John died from ‘a complicated disease’ on 20 Jan 1841. His death record is for the Brighton district but it is likely that he was further north, and possibly at his home when he died due to rural areas not having available registrars.

1841 John Ibbett Death (short).jpg

Ibbott-Vale was left to John senior’s eldest son, John Mears Ibbott after his death and remained in the family for several generations.

At this time, the cemetery location for John Ibbott and the death of Hannah Ibbott is not known.


Notable Descendants:


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John & Hannah Ibbett’s son: George Pirkis Ibbott


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