Descendants of George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney

2- George Fardell was born in 1850 in NSW. He was the third child of Thomas Fardell snr and Jane Cook, of England (reg 516/1850). George (~20) married Letitia Anne Cheney (~17) in 1872 (reg 1629/1872 at Bathurst). Letitia was born in 1853 and her parents were William & Mary Cheney (reg 2773/1853). The family remained in the region and George operated as a furniture dealer in East Orange. George died on 24 Nov 1929 (reg 22130/1929 at Bathurst). He was buried at George’s Plains Cemetery. Letitia died on 29 Sep 1933 and was buried at the George’s Plains Cemetery with her late husband.

The children of George Fardell & Letitia Cheney were:
Herbert H
George jnr
Ernest Alfred
James F
Mary Letitia

3- John Fardell was born on 17 Jul 1874 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 16680/1874 at Orange). John (25) married Emily Howarth (24) on 18 May 1900 at Orange (reg 4458/1900 at Orange). Emily was born at Bathurst on 20 Mar 1876 and her parents were James Howarth & Willifith Ann “Annie” Osborn (reg 7624/1876 at Bathurst). The family resided at Lewis Ponds, about 22 km East of Orange. Emily died from colon cancer at Base Hospital, Orange on 24 Dec 1945 (reg 4847/1946 at Orange). John died on 09 Nov 1946 (reg 25246/1946 at Orange).

The children of John Fardell & Emily Howarth were:
Ada Jane “Jennie”
Herbert John
George Aubrey
Donald Edgar
Maxwell Rex
Neville Arthur James
Mary A
Thora Hazel

4- Ada Jane “Jennie” Fardell was born on 23 Feb 1901. Ada married Thomas Samuel Spicer on 20 Feb 1918 at the Orange Methodist Church. Thomas was born on 21 Dec 1890 and his parents were William Henry & Emma Jane Spicer of Lewis Ponds (reg 26926/1891 at Orange). Thomas died on 12 Jul 1970 at the hospital in Orange. Ada died on 21 Jan 1974 in NSW.

Known Descendants of Thomas Spicer & Ada Fardell:

5- Clarice
5- Joyce?, married V. Cook?
5- Tom
5- Tony
5- Brian
5- Doug
5- Dennis Clyde Spicer, died on 20 Aug 1975 (reg 24547/1975)
5- Eileen Gladys Spicer, married William Owen Jenkins on 25 Jun 1948 (reg 21167/1948 at Liverpool).
5- Noel
5- Raymond Neville “Ray” Spicer, died on 23 Aug 1952 (reg 23491/1952 at Orange)
5- Leslie M & Hilton E Spicer (twins) born in Sep 1927, died on 22 Sep 1927 & 23 Sep 1927 (reg 16509/1927 & 16510/1927 at Orange).

4- Herbert John Fardell was born on 27 Apr 1903 (reg 14762/1903 at Orange). Herbert married Sarah May Spicer on 07 Apr 1925 (reg 7726/1925 at Orange). Sarah was born on 27 Apr 1906 and her parents were William Henry & Emma Jane Spicer of Lewis Ponds (reg 16668/1906 at Orange). Sarah died on 28 Feb 1945 (reg 4573/1945 at Orange). Herbert remarried to Dorothy Margaret Slick on 11 Aug 1952 (reg 21021/1952 at Walgett). Dorothy was born circa 1919. Herbert (71) died on 06 Jul 1974 and was buried at the Yeoval Roman Catholic Cemetery (reg 55987/1974). Dorothy (61) died on 01 Sep 1980 and was buried with her late husband.

4- George Aubrey Fardell was born on 11 Aug 1907 at Orange (reg 38406/1907 at Orange). George worked as a grazier in Green Ponds. He unlawfully sheared his neighbor’s sheep and was sentenced to six months imprisonment in 1940, however the sentence was successfully appealed. George enlisted to serve in WWII on 22 Jan 1942 at Orange but was discharged from the infantry training battalion on 19 Nov 1942. His service number was N43512822. George married Merl Elvena Robe on 08 May 1943 (reg 11857/1943 at Orange). Merl’s parents were Walter Henery & Ada Harriet Robe. George died on 12 Oct 1976 as the result of a tractor accident (reg 27571/1976). Merl died on 25 Jun 1983 (reg 16060/1983). Prior to her death, Merl was living on 128 Bathurst Rd, Orange.

4- Donald Edgar Fardell was born on 01 Sep 1909 (reg 39850/1909 at Orange). Donald married Kathleen Iris Spicer on 22 Oct 1931 (reg 15278/1931 at Orange). Kathleen was born on 12 Jul 1915 and her parents were Samuel Robert & Ellen Hetherington Spicer (reg 35938/1915 at Orange). Kathleen (94) died on 11 Nov 2009. At the time of her death, she had been living at the Calare Nursing Home in Orange.

4- Maxwell Rex “Rex” Fardell was born on 13 Sep 1911 (reg 43712/1911 at Orange). Rex married Clarice Hazel ___. Clarice was born in 1922. Rex died on 29 Apr 1982 (reg 10411/1982). Clarice (94) died on 19 Apr 2017.

Known Descendants of Rex & Clarice Fardell:

5- Kenneth Graham “Kenny” Fardell, born in 1950, died on 16 Dec 2009 at Orange Base Hospital at age 59.
5- Frank Fardell, married Vicki.
5- Ross Fardell.
5- Cindy Fardell, married David Cudden.

4- Neville Arthur James Fardell was born on 17 Jan 1915 (reg 9068/1915 at Orange). Neville married Annette June Piper on 16 Aug 1952 (reg 17623/1952 at Dubbo). Annette was born circa 1928. Neville worked as a grazier. His property was known as ‘Kingsley,’ and was located on Forbes Rd, Borenore.  Annette (79) died on 09 Dec 2007. Neville (93) died at Orange on 05 May 2008.

4- Mary A Fardell’s birth is unkown and she died on 25 May 1915 (reg 7435/1915 at Orange).

4- Thora Hazel Fardell was born circa 1918. Thora married her second cousin, Alfred William “Alf” Howarth, on 20 Mar 1937 (reg 2483/1937 at Orange). Alfred was born on 25 Feb 1915 and his parents were Richard & Edith Jane Howarth (reg 9131/1915 at Orange). Thora (57) died on 22 Aug 1975 (reg 23080/1975) and was buried at the Orange Cemetery on 259 Lone Pine Ave. Alf (89) died on 10 Jun 2004 and was buried with his late wife.

Known Descendants of Alf Howarth & Thora Fardell:

5- Brenda Aileen Howarth, married ___ Phillips. Died on 29 Jul 1986 (reg 19176/1986).

3- Herbert H Fardell was born in 1876 in NSW to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 17515/1876 at Orange). Herbert died on 07 Jun 1890 (reg 9925/1890 at Orange).

3- Randolph “Dolph” Fardell was born on 16 Jan 1878 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 19043/1878 at Orange). Randolph resided in Lewis Ponds and was described as ‘a man of commanding physique, standing over 6ft 4inches.’  Randolph married Lily May Howarth on 01 Jul 1901 at the Holy Trinity Church of England in Orange (reg 7258/1901 at Orange). Lily was born on 18 Apr 1879 and her parents were James Howarth & Willifith Ann “Annie” Osborn (reg 9286/1879 at Bathurst). Randolph died on 27 Oct 1918 at the hospital in Orange from miners’ phthisis. (reg 18747/1918 at Orange). Randolph was buried at the Methodist Section of the Byng Cemetery (about 24 km South-East of Orange). Lily remarried James Michael McCarty on 23 Jan 1934 (reg 2706/1934 at Orange). James died on 20 Jul 1964 (reg 26562/1964 at Dubbo) and buried at the Old Dubbo Cemetery. Lily (91) died on 09 Aug 1970 (reg 36627/1970 at Orange) and was buried at the Old Dubbo Cemetery.

The children of Randolph Fardell & Lily Howarth were:
Mabel M
Beulah Grace “Gracie”
Norman Eric
Horace Reginald
Ernest Otto “Otto”
William J
Cecil Randolph

4- Mabel Mercie Fardell was born on 04 Dec 1901 (reg 34554/1901 at Orange). Mabel married Arthur Ernest Spicer on 09 Feb 1922 (reg 3679/1922 at Orange). Arthur was born on 30 Jun 1893 and his parents were William Henry & Emma Jane Spicer of Lewis Ponds (reg 27801/1893 at Orange). Arthur died on 10 Nov 1955 (reg 33597/1955 at Orange). Mabel remarried Richard Percy Cole on 27 Sep 1958 (reg 26539/1958 at Orange). Richard was born on 21 Apr 1908 and his parents were John & Eulalian J Cole (reg 16019/1908 at Molong). Mabel died on 24 Jan 1984 (reg 3710/1984). Richard died on 23 Sep 1986 (reg 23526/1986).

4- Beulah Gracie “Gracie” Fardell was born on 06 Sep 1904 (reg 35294/1904 at Orange). Gracie married Edward Allen “Chicka” Bartlett on 14 Oct 1926 (reg 17926/1926 at Dubbo *Beulah is listed as Vera G Fardell on this record). Edward was born on 08 May 1899 and his parents were Nathaniel & Annie Bartlett (reg 14612/1899 at Oberon). Edward served in WWII in the 35th Infranrty Battallion Edward died on 27 Feb 1968 (reg 17270/1968 at Coonabarabran) and was buried at the Binnaway General Cemetery, Warrumbungle in the Roman Catholic Section. Gracie died on 15 Nov 1993 and was buried with her late husband.

Known Descendants of Edward & Gracie Bartlett:

5- Hilary Allan Bartlett (Sometimes spelt “Hillary” and not to be confused with another person “Alan Hilary Bartlett”), born on 06 Feb 1926. Alan married Joyce Olive McNamara on 10 Feb 1948. Joyce was born on 07 Mar 1925 at North Sydney and her parents were William McNamara. Joyce served in WWII as an Aircraftwoman, enlisting with the RAAF in Sydney on 11 Mar 1943. Her service number was 108930. She was discharged on 17 Oct 1945 at the Wagga Headquarters. At the time of their marriage, Hilary worked as a fireman and they resided at 73 Main Rd, Coledale for several years. In the 1960’s Alan worked as a draper and the family had moved to Bloomfield Ave, Corrimal where they remained until Hilary’s death. Alan (67) died on 03 Oct 1993. He was buried in Binnaway General Cemetery, Warrumbungle in the Roman Catholic Section.

4- Norman Eric Fardell was born on 10 Dec 1907 (reg 6304/1907 at Orange). Norman married Mary Philomena Edwards on 01 Jun 1926 at St Brigid’s Church in Dubbo (reg 8984/1926 at Dubbo). Mary was born on 08 Nov 1903 and her parents were Henry Edward “Harry” Edwards & Catherine Jane Kilfoyle (reg 29791/1903 at Dubbo). The family resided on Syren St, Dubbo and Norman worked as a carrier in the region. Norman died on 31 Mar 1982 (reg 7919/1982). Mary died on 02 Oct 1982 (reg 25655/1982 at Bathurst).

Known Descendants of Norman & Mary Fardell:

5- Henry Randolph “Harry” Fardell, born in Aug or Sep 1938 and died on 04 Jun 1939 at the District Hospital at Dubbo (reg 9161/1939 at Dubbo). He was buried in the Roman Catholic Section of the Dubbo District Hospital Cemetery on 04 Jun 1939.
5- (Unnamed) Fardell, stillborn on 11 Oct 1945 (reg 24296/1945 at Dubbo).

4- Horace Reginald Fardell was born 05 Dec 1909 (reg 6949/1910 at Orange). Horace married Doris Edith Haylan (Sometimes spelt “Haylon”) on 23 Jan 1941 (reg 4714/1941 at Dubbo). Doris was born on 26 Feb 1908 and her parents were Valentine Walter Haylan & Martha Jane Hill (reg 6269/1908 at Narromine). Doris had previously married Arthur Reginald John Little on 01 Dec 1928 (reg 16671/1928 at Dubbo). Arthur was born on 25 Jan 1890 and his parents were John & Annie (reg 20508/1890 at West Maitland). Arthur died on 25 Sep 1948 (reg 21463/1948 at West Maitland), so Arthur & Doris would have divorced prior to 1941. Horace resided at 86 Brisbane St, Dubbo and worked as a boiler attendant. Horace died on 30 Apr 1965 (reg 21715/1965 at Dubbo).

4- Ernest Otto “Otto” Fardell was born on 13 Oct 1912 (reg 47092/1912 at Orange). Ernest married Margaret Elizabeth Catlin on 31 Mar 1930 (reg 6523/1930 at Dubbo). Margaret was born in 1912 and her parents were James & Sarah J Catlin (reg 5173/1912 at Wellington). Ernest worked as a plasterer and fought in several boxing matches and competitions along with his brother, Cecil. Margaret died on 12 Jun 1968 (reg 23052/1968 at Orange).

4- William J Fardell was born on 24 May 1915 (reg 22859/1915 at Orange) and died at 17 months of age on 15 Nov 1916 (reg 19332/1916 at Orange).

4- Cecil Randolph Fardell was born in 1918. Cecil married Isabelle May Madgwick on 04 Feb 1939 (reg 3437/1939 at Dubbo). Cecil was boxer like his older brother, Otto. Isabelle died in 1988 and was buried at the Rylstone General Cemetery. Cecil died in 2001 and was buried with his late wife.

3- William Fardell was born on 20 May 1880 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 21328/1880 at Orange). William married Dorothy Reynolds on 18 Mar 1908 (reg 2402/1908 at Orange). Dorothy was born on 21 May 1885 and her parents were William Reynolds & Emma Jane Martin (reg 30930/1885 at Orange). William died on 13 Jun 1953 (reg 13145/1953 at Bathurst) and buried at the Bathurst Cemetery on Mitchell Hwy. Dorothy died on 05 Aug 1967 (reg 32030/1967 at Campsie) and was buried at the Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, in the Methodist Section 1AW P2, row 1.

The children of William Fardell & Dorothy Reynolds were:
Ronald Gilbert “Ron”
Beryl Edna Doreen

4- Ronald Gilbert “Ron” Fardell was born on 21 Dec 1909 (reg 6961/1910 at Orange). Ron married Nellie Jane Mayall on 30 Aug 1940 (reg 18452/1940 at Burwood). Nellie was born on 18 Dec 1911 and her parents were Joseph Sedger Mayall & Mary Ward (reg 360/1912). Ron served in WWII. He enlisted prior to his marriage on 09 Jul 1940 at Paddington and served as a sapper in the 2/15 Field Regiment. He was discharged on 08 Jan 1946. His service number was NX53692. After the war, Ron worked as a publican in Bathurst. Ron (45) died on 05 Jan 1956 and was buried at the Bathurst Cemetery on Mitchell Hwy. Nellie remarried Clive Eustace “Smithy” Forrest on 23 Jan 1959 (reg 5704/1959 at Burwood). Clive was born on 11 Dec 1912 and his parents were John & Fanny Maud (reg 12452/1913 at Wellington). Clive had previously served in WWII. He enlisted on 19 Jun 1940 at Paddington and served in the 9th Division which helped defend the Libyan port of Tobruk in the Apr-Nov 1941 seige. This group were known as “The Rats of Tobruk.” Clive’s service number was NX27212. He was transferred to the 2/156 Australia General Transport and was discharged on 30 Jun 1944. Clive and Nellie resided at 79 King George’s Rd, Wiley Park where they operated the post office. Nellie died on 21 Nov 1969 at hospital (reg 40006/1969 at Burwood). Clive retired to Puchbowl and died on 28 Sep 1979 (reg 22948/1979).

Known Descendants of Ron & Nellie Fardell:

5- Suzanne Mary Fardell, married John Ford, the son of Bill & Marg Ford. Suzanne died on 07 Oct 1980 (reg 23597/1980).

4- Beryl Edna Doreen Fardell was born on 21 Dec 1909 (reg 6961/1910 at Orange). Beryl married Roy Docksey on 23 Aug 1941 (reg 20694/1941 at Burwood). Roy was born on 27 Aug 1906 in Sydney and his parents were Charles Frederick Docksey & Emily Hephzibah West (reg 32084/1906 at Balmain South). Roy served in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Squadron Leader. He enlisted on 25 Jan 1937 in Laberton, Victoria. His service number was O3376. Roy was discharged on 28 Aug 1952. The family lived on 30 Manning Rd, South Strathfield. Roy was an active member of the Freemasons at the Blacktown Lodge 393 UGL. Roy died on 20 Sep 1956 (reg 22031/1956 at Parramatta). His funeral was held on 22 Sep 1956 at the Parramatta Funeral Home on 32 Darcy St and he was cremated at Rookwood.  Beryl died on 01 Sep 1982 at Sydney (reg 21051/1982).

Known Descendants of Roy & Beryl Docksey:

5- Cheryl Dorothy Docksey, died on 14 Apr 1958 at the Prince Alfred Hospital. Her funeral was held on 16 Apr 1958 at the St. Thomas Church of England at Enfield and she was cremated at Rookwood.

3- Arthur Fardell was born on 21 Sep 1881 to George & Letitia Fardell (reg 25469/1881 at Orange). Arthur married his first cousin, Mary Ellen Cheney on 04 Apr 1906 (reg 3783/1906 at Blayney). Mary was born on 05 Jan 1884 and her parents were George Cheney & Jane Drew (reg 14084/1884 at West Macquarie). Mary died on 13 Aug 1938 (reg 19108/1938 at Orange). Arthur remarried Christina Marie Cravino on 20 Oct 1942 (reg 29421/1942 at Coonabarabran). Christina was born on 21 Dec 1879 and her parents were Charles Maximilian Cravino & Elizabeth Ann Cook (reg 10875/1880 at Bourke). Christina had previously married Livingstone Charles Knight on 06 Apr 1904 (reg 3684/1904 at Coonabarabran). Livingstone died on 01 Oct 1939 (reg 24073/1939 at Coonabarabran). Livingstone and Christina had many children together. Christina died on 15 Jun 1960 (reg 17384/1960 at Orange). Arthur died on 08 Sep 1968 (reg 27496 at Orange).

The children of Arthur Fardell & Mary Ellen Cheney were:
Victor “Dick” *(Not a Fardell blood relative)
Irene Gertrude “Rene”
George Dudley
Robert Clive Barry
Isabel Neta
William Lloyd

4*- Victor Hildebrandt was born on 30 Nov 1903 to Mary Ellen Cheney. His father was most likely *Adolphus Hugo Hildebrandt, who was married to Mary Ellen’s sister, Ada Jane (reg 1502/1904 at Blayney). Dick married Elva Grace Kable on 29 Oct 1927 (reg 19459/1927 at Blayney). Dick died on 21 Jun 1995 at the Lithgow District Hospital and was buried at the Blayney Public Cemetery.

4- Irene Gertrude Fardell was born on 10 Oct 1906 (reg 32547/1906 at Blayney). Irene married Cyril Hubert Newell on 30 Oct 1928 (reg 15912/1928 at Auburn). Cyril was born on 20 Jun 1903 and his parents were James & Rose M (reg 19510/1903 at Blayney). Irene died on 28 Mar 1972 at hospital (reg 1869/1972 at Sydney). Irene’s funeral was held at St Albyn’s Church, Pembroke St, Epping on 30 Mar 1972 and she was cremated at Rookwood. Cyril died on 03 Jul 1975 (reg 17518/1975).

Known Descendants of Cyril & Irene Newell:

5- Noel Newell.
5- Clive Newell.

4- George Dudley Fardell was born on 10 Oct 1908 (reg 33481/1908 at Blayney). George (15) died on 19 Jun 1924 (reg 9932/1924 at Blayney).

4- Robert Clive Barry Fardell was born on 21 Aug 1910 at Blayney (reg 36126/1910 at Blayney). Robert married Ruby Joyce Robinson on 11 Apr 1950 (reg 13989 at Bathurst). Ruby was born circa 1921. Robert served in WWII. He enlisted on 08 Oct 1941 at Blayney and served as a private of the 26 Battalion. His service number was N348334. Robert was discharged on 25 Sep 1945. Robert died on 05 Apr 1979 (reg 8301/1979). Ruby (87) died on 25 Jan 2007.

4- Isabel Neta “Neta” Fardell was born on 02 Nov 1912 (reg 39915/1912 at Blayney). Neta married Norman Patrick Nolan on 27 Jun 1942 (reg 20407/1942 Blayney). Norman was born on 13 Sep 1909 and his parents were James & Beatrice Nolan (reg 35131/1909 at Canterbury). Norman died on 15 Feb 1994 at the Macquarie Care Centre. Neta died on 21 Jul 1997.

Known Descendants of Norman & Neta Nolan:

5- Kerry James Nolan, died on 24 May 1989.

4- William Lloyd Fardell was born on 28 Dec 1915 (reg 3179/1916 at Blayney). William married Lillian Mary Roach on 29 Apr 1950 (reg 14105/1950 at Blayney). Lillian was born circa 1923. William lived at “Glen Lomond” at Barry. At the time of his death, William was living at the Wontama Nursing Home in Orange. William died on 06 Jun 2002 at the Orange Base Hospital. At the time of her death, Lillian was living at the Cherrywood Nursing Home. Lillian (91) died on 24 Aug 2015.

3- George Fardell jnr was born in 1883 to George & Letitia Fardell (reg 28871/1883 at Orange). George died on 10 Oct 1888 (reg 12896/12896 at Orange).

3- Martha Fardell was born on 09 Sep 1885 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 31068/1885 at Orange). Martha married John James Letcher on 24 Sep 1938 (reg 17656/1938 at Burwood). John was born on 07 Apr 1865 and his parents were James & Ann Maria Letcher (reg 15356/1865 at Tambaroora). John had previously married Louisa Smith on 02 Jan 1894 (reg 2328/1894 at Bathurst) and they had many children together. Louisa was born on 12 Sep 1874 and her parents were George Smith & Ellen Leggett (reg 7439/1874 at Bathurst). Louisa died on 07 Dec 1930 (reg 21144/1930 at Bathurst).  John died on 26 Jun 1957 (reg 24115/1957 at Bathurst). Martha died on 22 Oct 1966 (reg 41738/1966 at Bathurst). John & Martha had no children together.

3- Ernest Alfred Fardell was born on 01 Jan 1888 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 33740/1888 at Orange). Ernest married Edith Irene Finch on 16 Jul 1913 (reg 11362/1913 at Orange). Edith was born on 20 Jan 1896 and her parents were Henry Walter & Annie (reg 6056/1896 at Orange). Ernest worked as a Carrier in the Central West region. Ernest & Edith divorced sometime prior to 1938 and Edith remarried Edward James Kahler on 09 Dec 1938 (reg 20551/1938 at Annandale). Edward was born on 04 Mar 1902 and his parents were Christopher and Emily (reg 10434/1902 at Bingara). Edward & Edith resided at Newbridge Rd, Moorebank. Edward died on 25 Oct 1951 (reg 27012/1951 at Newtown) and was buried at the Rookwood Cemetery in the Church of England Section. At the time of her death, Edith resided at 31 Young St, Annandale. Edith died on 04 Feb 1965 (reg 693/1965 at Sydney). Edith’s funeral was conducted by Labor Motor Funerals in Leichhardt on 09 Feb 1965 and she was cremated at Rookwood. Ernest died on 26 Feb 1952 (reg 5039/1952 at Orange).

The children of Ernest Alfred Fardell & Edith Irene Finch were:
Phylis I
Kevin Wilfred

4- Reginald Fardell was born on 17 Apr 1914 at Orange (reg 22142/1914 at Orange). Reginald married Lorna M McCarron on 22 Feb 1936 (reg 5093/1936 at Orange). Lorna was born on 02 Jun 1914 and her parents were Andrew & Mary A McCarron (reg 21888/1914 at Bombala). Reginald served in WWII. He enlisted on 02 Oct 1941 at Paddington. His service number was NX48571 and his rank was a Driver. Reginald was discharged on 15 Nov 1945. Reginald died on 06 Feb 1978 (reg 4888/1978). The date and whearabouts of Lorna’s death are not yet known.

4- Phylis I Fardell was born on 19 Jul 1916 (reg 39282/1916 at Orange). Phylis died on 12 Oct 1916 (reg 19315/1916 at Orange).

4- Kevin Wilfred Fardell was born on 04 Sep 1922 in Orange. Kevin served in WWII. Kevin enlisted on 15 Mar 1943 at the Hume Camp, NSW. He served as a Gunner and his service number was NX169391 (Also N351807). Kevin was discharged on 11 Mar 1946. Kevin married Mary Alma Justice on 16 Oct 1943 (reg 24278/1943 at Orange). Mary was born in 1925. After the war, Kevin worked as a bus driver in Orange and the family lived in Nathan St, Orange. Kevin died on 1971 in Queensland (reg C3978/1971 at Qld). Mary Alma (90) died on 19 Jul 2016 at the Sirius Nursing Home. Mary’s funeral was held at the St Barnabas Anglican Church, Dora St, Orange and shw was buried in the Anglican Section at the Orange Cemetery on Lone Pine Rd.

Known Descendants of Kevin Wilfred & Mary Alma Fardell:

5- Robert Fardell, died 2000.
5- Lynne Fardell.
5- Phillip Fardell.

3- Bertie Fardell was born on 13 May 1890 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 26854/1890 at Orange). Bertie married Hilda Ivy Leontine Kerr on 28 Feb 1912 (reg 2786/1912 at Orange). Hilda was born on 21 May 1890 and her parents were Henry & Priscilla (reg 26870/1890 at Orange). The family resided on 716 Kingsway, Gymea. Hilda died on 04 May 1962 at hospital. Her funeral was held on 07 May 1962 at Motor Funerals, Kingsway and she was cremated at the Woonora Crematorium. Bertie died on 23 Dec 1975 at his residence and was cremated after a private funeral.

The children of Bertie Fardell & Hildra Leontine Kerr  were:
Frank Leonard

4- Frank Leonard Fardell was born on 13 Apr 1915 (reg 22788/1915 at Orange). Frank married Majorie Isobel Spiers in 05 Feb 1940 (reg 5890/1940 at Blayney). They had four children. The family resided at Como West. Frank died on 21 Feb 1982 at hospital (reg 5131/1982). Majorie (79) died on 28 Nov 1989.

Known Descendants of Frank & Majorie Fardell:

5- Donalda Frances Fardell.
5- Raymond Fardell, married Mary.
5- Margaret Fardell, married Kaz.
5- Peter Fardell, married Dianne.

3- James Frederick Fardell was born on 28 Mar 1893 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 27716/1893 at Orange). James married Jessie Johnston on 04 Mar 1922 at Queensland (reg C812/1922 at Qld). Jessie was born on 16 Oct 1895 and her parents were William Johnston & Minnie Barrett (reg 2279/1895 at Qld). James died on 20 Apr 1952 in Queensland (reg B37482/1952 at Qld). Jessie died on 23 Mar 1982 (reg 2160/1982 at Qld).

The children of James Frederick Fardell & Jessie Johnston were:
Allen Maxwell *(Not a Fardell blood relative)
Frederick Clarence

4*- Allen Maxwell Johnston was born on 07 Jun 1913 at Bowen, Queensland. His mother was Jessie Johnston and his father is unknown. Allen died during service in WWII. Allen enlisted on 12 Jul 1940 at Townsville, Qld. Allen’s service number was QX11334 and he served as a Private in the 2 Company Australian Army Service Corps. Allen was a Prisoner of War and died on 31 Oct 1943 in Thailand from illness. Allen is buried at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery in Thailand and his name is featured on Panel 82 in the Commemorative Area at the War Memorial in Canberra.

4- Frederick Clarence Fardell was born on 24 Nov 1922 at Bankstown, New South Wales. Frederick served in WWII. Frederick enlisted on 16 Sep 1942 at Brisbane and served as a leading aircraftman in the 15th Squadron of Royal Australian Air Force. Frederick’s service number was 78583. Frederick was discharged on 11 Jan 1946. Frederick married Isabel May __ during the 1940s’. Frederick worked as a carpenter. Frederick died on 1978 at Queensland (reg B84005/1978 at Qld). Isabel May died on 05 Jun 2009.

3-Walter Fardell was born on 06 Feb 1895 to George Fardell & Letitia Anne Cheney (reg 15492/1895 at Orange). Walter married Ruth Marion Turner on 17 Apr 1922 (reg 5264/1922 at Portland). Walter (30) died on 17 Feb 1925 in a work accident at the cement quarry in Portland (reg 3671/1925 at Portland). Ruth (93) died on 14 Dec 1995 in Sydney.

The children of Walter Fardell & Ruth Marion Turner were:
Gladys Joyce

4- Gladys Joyce “Joyce” Fardell was born in Portland in 1923. Joyce worked as a teacher and a librarian and was appointed officer of the School Library Service in 1959. She was very well respected in the field. Joyce did not marry. Joyce died in Ashfield on 15 Jul 2007. Her funeral was held in Chapel of the Woronora Crematorium in Sutherland.

3-Mary Letitia Fardell was born on 29 Sep 1898 (reg 33338/1898 at Orange *Note this has been misspelt as “Fordell”). Mary died not marry and she resided at 177 Seymour Place in Bathurst. Mary died on 11 Dec 1940 (reg 25427/1940 at Bathurst). Mary’s funeral was held on 12 Dec 1940 at the South Bathurst Methodist Church and she was buried at the Church of England Cemetery at George’s Plains.

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