Descendants of Thomas Fardell snr & Jane Cook (Immigrants to New South Wales)

1- Thomas Fardell snr was born circa 1824 in Buckminster, Leicestershire, England. Jane Cook was born circa 1823 and baptised on 23 May 1824 at Easton, Leicestershire, England. Thomas (22) and Jane (23) were married on 01 Dec 1846 in the Parish Church at Eaton. The family emigrated to New South Wales in 1848 aboard the “General Hewitt,” departing Plymouth, England on 15 Aug 1848 and arriving in Port Jackson on 13 Nov 1848. The Fardell family settled in the Central West region of NSW. The family lived at Green Swamp (Now Walang, about 20 km East of Bathurst) for several years. Thomas operated a successful courier business in the region. Jane (67) died on 04 Oct 1890 from liver cancer and dropsy in East Orange (reg 9964/1890 at Orange). She was buried on 05 Oct 1890 at the Orange cemetery in the Congregational section. Thomas (96) died on 18 Dec 1922 from senility and cardiac syncope at the Rookwood Asylum for Old & Infirm Men in Sydney (reg 15611/1922 at Granville). Thomas was buried on 22 Dec 1922 at the Rookwood Cemetery in the Church of England Section.

The nine children of Thomas Fardell snr and Jane Cook are listed below with links to pages containing their descendants:

2- John Fardell snr was born in 1847 in Leicestershire, England. He was about 18 months old when his family arrived in New South Wales on 13 Nov 1848. John married Ann Stock on 02 Nov 1869 (reg 3140/1869 at Orange). Ann was born in 1851 and her parents were Joseph Stock & mary Ann Denning. John & Ann had seven children. Anne died on 27 Mar 1887 (reg 12203/1887 at Orange).

2- Anne Hewitt “Annie” Fardell was born between Aug and Nov 1848 at sea aboard the “General Hewitt” while en route to New South Wales. She was baptised on 22 Jul 1849 in the St. Saviour Church of England at Goulburn, NSW. Annie did not marry. Annie (76) died on 03 Aug 1925 in (reg 14433/1925 at Orange).

2- George Fardell was born in 1850 in NSW. He was the third child of Thomas Fardell snr and Jane Cook, of England (reg 516/1850). George (~20) married Letitia Anne Cheney (~17) in 1872 (reg 1629/1872 at Bathurst). Letitia was born in 1853 and her parents were William & Mary Cheney (reg 2773/1853). The family remained in the region and George operated as a furniture dealer in East Orange. George and Letitia had twelve children. George died on 24 Nov 1929 (reg 22130/1929 at Bathurst). He was buried at George’s Plains Cemetery. Letitia died on 29 Sep 1933 and was buried at the George’s Plains Cemetery with her late husband.

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2- Catherine Fardell was born in 1854 in NSW. She was the fourth child of Thomas Fardell snr and Jane Cook, of England (reg 417/1854). Catherine married William Newton “Newton” Wood on 18 Mar 1873 (reg 2161/1873 at Carcoar). Newton and Catherine had five children. Catherine died on 06 Sep 1940 (reg 19836/1940 at Orange).

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Sarah 1856

Thomas jnr 1858

Mary A 1860

Eliza 1863

Emily 1868



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