Links to Photo & Document Albums on Cloud Servers

The links to cloud servers can only be altered by me but if you have something that you would like to add, please email it to me and I will review it before adding it and listing you as a contributor if you wish.

Generations are numbered. 0,1,2,3,4 etc with zero being the generation of my grandparent’s. Letters refer to a person’s relationship to me, with ‘a’ indicating ancestor, ‘b’ indicating uncle or auntie, ‘c’ indicating first cousin, ‘d’ second cousin and so on. A minus indicates that they are not a blood relative to me. An @ represents a somebody that served in the military and where possible, there is a service record in their document folder. This naming system allows me to keep better track of these to avoid mix-ups. Also, green text is used to indicate where there are alot of photos available and orange text where there is very little for media available.

*Please contact me or at least please credit me as “ErnestfromAus” if you decide to use these on a publication or family tree website (I have already uploaded some onto I believe that these should be for everybody to share and I do not like the idea of tainting a photo with watermarks. However, alot of time goes into sourcing and scanning these photos and I have seen alot of photos that are ‘re-uploaded’ onto and the like. I hate red tape as much as anyone, but people are hindering the rest of these from surfacing by giving themselves credit for photo that they have no idea where they came from. 

Edwards Family:


Donnelly Family:


Sutherland Family:


Pike Family:


Jordan Family:


Smith Family:

3a. Holloway, John A & Frances A née Elmer   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES

4a. Holloway, John & Rhoda née Coutts   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES

4a. Elmer, Edward J & Louisa A née Diprose   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES

Richardson Family:

1b. Powell, Reg & Floss née Richardson @   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES

2a. Richardson, Norman T & Nellie G A née Ibbott  DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS  ARTICLES

3a. Ibbott, Edward H A & Mary Ann née Goodwin   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES

Stewart Family:

War Records   DOCUMENTS

1b. Stewart, Arthur & Eileen L née McCallum @   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES

2a. Stewart, John & Charlotte née Walker   DOCUMENTS   PHOTOS   ARTICLES



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